Hold-up @ISALT-Galilée

Ce mardi 28 février, MakeSense a animé le premier atelier Hold-up dans le cadre du projet Positive Generation financé par la région Bruxelles-Capitale et mené par Poseco.

La Positive Generation, c’est un mouvement de jeunes de moins de 30 ans qui veulent prendre les choses en main pour donner du sens à notre avenir commun et faire bouger la société. La Positive Generation cherche à rassembler des jeunes qui veulent construire une société plus juste et plus verte ainsi qu’un avenir dans lequel nous aurions la sécurité de l’emploi et du revenu. L’un des buts est de promouvoir des concepts tels que l’entrepreneuriat soci(ét)al, l’économie positive, l’économie circulaire, l’économie de partage, etc.

La première école à organiser un hold-up en partenariat avec MakeSense était ISALT-Galilée, où les étudiants du club ont rassemblé près de 40 participants pour l’occasion! Une belle réussite donc pour le mouvement qui s’apprête à organiser d’autres événements dans l’école. Quant à MakeSense, nous animerons le prochain atelier dans le cadre de Positive Generation dans la Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer dès la semaine prochaine!

En savoir plus : http://www.yet.brussels/fr/projets/positive-generation

Stay tuned 🙂


Workshop @Vlerick Business School

Today, we had the pleasure to organise a challenge-solving workshop within a 2-days seminar on social entrepreneurship given by Veroniek Collewaert with about 50 students at Vlerick Business School Leuven.

The challenge? Find alternative financing models for Faro 360, a great Belgian project building micro factories for plastic recycling, using open source technology.Faro 360 partners with primary waste collectors in developing countries and give them the opportunity to turn waste into raw material. This leads to higher earnings, job creation, capacity building and a direct positive impact on the environment.

Koen Verrecht, the founder of Faro 360 – who also comes from Leuven – introduced his project in person to the students at the beginning of the workshop. Then during 2 hours, 50 brains let their most crazy ideas emerge to co-create innovative and concrete solutions to Koen’s challenge. The session finished with the 9 pitches of the different teams presenting their original ideas to the group and to Koen.

Thank you Charlotte, Thibaud and Lucie for facilitating the workshop! 🙂


> To get an overview of what happened and the solutions that came out, take a look at that video :

Hold up at Vlerick for Faro 360

Pubblicato da Thibaud Godet su Martedì 7 febbraio 2017


> Extra pictures from the workshop :


> Discover more about FARO 360



SenseTour Belgium 2017

In 2010 MakeSense was born of a 6 months roadtrip in Asia to meet social entrepreneurs, the first SenseTour of a long serie. A SenseTour is a travel to meet individuals who are changing the world. Our playground this year: Belgium!

In partnership with Ashoka and 1001pact, MakeSense organizes this SenseTour 2017 to foster its community and sensibilize to social impact.

For 3 months, during Spring, we will travel to several cities of Belgium to generate a large-scale mobilisation. We will organize participative workshops, hold-ups and SenseFictions, speed-meeting sessions, inspiring testimonials, trainings on how to finance a social business… and meet the changemakers of Belgium.

We are in the process of preparing the partnerships around it: you’d like to host the SenseTour, partner with our organisations, be the local guide of your city/region or participate your way in the adventure?

–> For applications, inquiries, or questions, contact celine@makesense.org and she’ll lead your way into the process!



Take part in the Positive Generation!

New Gangsters!


Civic innovation enthusiast, I traveled for a year through South America and Australia before studying political science in Brussels. Currently exploring ways to encourage citizens’ participation, I believe tech and innovation can re-engage civic life. Eager to get people together in order to act globally and make awesome things happen, I’d like to learn more about citizen-led communities and innovative methodologies.

Super Power : Curiosity and enthusiasm. Patience. Good listening skills.

My expert skills : Communication, Event organization

My interests: Education, Food, Governance, Waste management, Social integration


Hello! My name is Stefania Serviddio and I am really excited to be joining the Make Sense community in Brussels! I come from the sunny Italian region of Apulia, where my parents lives with Sid Vicious, our amazing rescue dog (I know everybody says this, but he really is the best dog ever). I have a master in Philosophy, where my focus was on the Noam’s Chomsky theory about Language, basically he thinks that our use of language make us special and -in a way- better than the others beings and well… I disagree.

Super power : Media communication, Craft Beer geek, Beach lover

Tu Veux Test?!

MakeSense Belgium is very proud to have been a partner of “Tu Veux Test?!”, a program proposed by YouthStart, Actiris and the “Maison de l’Emploi de Forest” to help young unemployed find the right professional path for them. During one month, 10 participants between 18 and 30 followed an intensive program : immersions in various fields, meetings with professionals, personal development and individual coaching, communication workshops, business plan creation…

And for the 2nd edition of the program, MakeSense contributed through the facilitation of creative workshops to make the participants discover what social entrepreneurship is and how they can create impact through almost any professional activity. Our workshops were articulated with the ones of YouthStart, whose objective is to make participants create their first business plan in 5 weeks, and put themselves in the shoes of an entrepreneur.

On November 10th, after one month of hard work, the 10 participants had the chance to present the results of their journey to the Queen Mathilde who spent some time with them after their presentation. Another program is already in preparation for 2017 and other communes of the Brussels-Capital region might replicate the formula 🙂






MakeSense in BECI report

Découvrez le rapport d’activité 2016 de BECI avec un article sur l’intelligence collective de l’économie collaborative !


Capture d’écran 2016-09-06 à 12.38.24

Upcycly Fest @ La Vallée

What is an Upcycly Fest?


An Upcycly Fest consists in different workshops held by designers, members of the UpCycly team and refugees carpenters where each people can learn how to design and build furnitures made out of palets.

It was also the occasion to have fun and nice day with exchange, knowledge and passion sharing.

We are living in a world where thousands of material are wasted everyday. With a simple touch, we can give them a second life!
All the profits and furnitures made on that day were donated to charity organisations helping refugees.

Big thanks to Tournevie and Upcycly for lending the tools and bringing all your expertise.
But also to Collectactif for the great meals!

Find out more about Upcycly here!

Discover Make.Brussels Winners!

We know the 10 winners of Make.Brussels!

This project was initiated 3 months ago, when Atrium had the will to change and revitalize the 10 main districts of Brussels.

MakeSense was involved in this call for projects, to engage citizens, to let them build their neighborhoods and choose the change they wanted to see in their city.

Some of this following projects were born during the first round of SenseFictions that MakeSense organized during the month of April.
Some others were transformed during the last prototyping weekend with the help of experts but also with the support of our  fellow gangsters (Kira, Elien, Thibaud and Marlies) who challenged each project and gave sometimes new ideas to these project leaders!.

Here are the list chosen by nearly 30,000 citizens and elected by a professional jury :

Kring Café Vélo in Dansaert,

Saint-Catherine-Sur-Mer in Sainte-Catherine,

Nationa(a)l Talent Hole in Mont des Arts,

Entramie for Midi-Lemonnier,

L’Arbre à Palabres for Grand-Place,

La Ligne in Saint-Jacques,

Melting Pots for Notre-Dame-Aux-Neiges,

Stryty in Rue Neuve district,

The Sound of Chocolate in Sablon,

Alors on zwanze in the Marolles


Can’t wait for the 2nd round next year!

Make.Brussels Final Week-end!

3 months ago, Make.Brussels was launched by Atrium and MakeSense to renew and create a participative change in the 10 main districts of Brussels city center!

The primary objective of Make.Brussels was to create an attractive discourse about downtown neighborhoods by highlighting their unique identity and their dynamism, and to put the citizens at the center of it.

It was important for us to be part of such a momentum : to give life to a shared and positive discourse about a Brussels that goes ahead, brings people together and which is constantly renewed.

All citizens had the chance to submit their projects and to be part of this change, they also got to choose their favorite ones.

372 projects have submitted their ideas on the platform, and nearly 30,000 citizens voted to elect their favorites.

Brussels has finally shown its best through the prism of originality, creativity, citizenship. It is already undeniable that this powerful message will boost its attraction and will be beneficial to all!

30 great projects have emerged from this vote, you can check the list here!

The final week-end of Make.Brussels begins today! 3 projects per neighborhood will have the chance to prototype their ideas and to get challenged from a great and diverse pool of experts, including a whole squad of gangsters ready to tackle the challenges of the participants (big thanks to Lucie, Janita, Thibaut, Thibaud, Anthony, Kira, Elien, Marlies, Barbara, Céline…)

At the end of the week-end, the winners of each district will be announced by Didier Gosuin, Brussels Minister of Economy and Employment! Each of them will win €30,000 to implement its project before the end of the year.

Stay tuned!