Workshop @Vlerick Business School

Today, we had the pleasure to organise a challenge-solving workshop within a 2-days seminar on social entrepreneurship given by Veroniek Collewaert with about 50 students at Vlerick Business School Leuven.

The challenge? Find alternative financing models for Faro 360, a great Belgian project building micro factories for plastic recycling, using open source technology.Faro 360 partners with primary waste collectors in developing countries and give them the opportunity to turn waste into raw material. This leads to higher earnings, job creation, capacity building and a direct positive impact on the environment.

Koen Verrecht, the founder of Faro 360 – who also comes from Leuven – introduced his project in person to the students at the beginning of the workshop. Then during 2 hours, 50 brains let their most crazy ideas emerge to co-create innovative and concrete solutions to Koen’s challenge. The session finished with the 9 pitches of the different teams presenting their original ideas to the group and to Koen.

Thank you Charlotte, Thibaud and Lucie for facilitating the workshop! 🙂


> To get an overview of what happened and the solutions that came out, take a look at that video :

Hold up at Vlerick for Faro 360

Pubblicato da Thibaud Godet su Martedì 7 febbraio 2017


> Extra pictures from the workshop :


> Discover more about FARO 360



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