SenseTour Belgium 2017

In 2010 MakeSense was born of a 6 months roadtrip in Asia to meet social entrepreneurs, the first SenseTour of a long serie. A SenseTour is a travel to meet individuals who are changing the world. Our playground this year: Belgium!

In partnership with Ashoka and 1001pact, MakeSense organizes this SenseTour 2017 to foster its community and sensibilize to social impact.

For 3 months, during Spring, we will travel to several cities of Belgium to generate a large-scale mobilisation. We will organize participative workshops, hold-ups and SenseFictions, speed-meeting sessions, inspiring testimonials, trainings on how to finance a social business… and meet the changemakers of Belgium.

We are in the process of preparing the partnerships around it: you’d like to host the SenseTour, partner with our organisations, be the local guide of your city/region or participate your way in the adventure?

–> For applications, inquiries, or questions, contact and she’ll lead your way into the process!



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