MakeSense has teamed up with Poseco to create a one-year program in superior education with the support of the Brussels-Capital Region. The program aims at fostering the emergence of a Positive Generation among students who want to bring a positive change in the world.

During this year, students from different “Hautes Ecoles” of Brussels will be in charge of creating the Positive Generation movement within their schools. A great opportunity to boost their studies and future professional opportunities while understanding social entrepreneurs’ challenges.
Many activities will be organized throughout the year to promote social entrepreneurship, circular economy and to reflect on how to create positive impact throughout your job. MakeSense will organize Hold-ups in various “Hautes Ecoles” of Brussels to catalyze the creation of the movement in each school.

If you are a student from one of the “Hautes Ecoles” of Brussels or if you know any, share the info as taking part of the movement will bring many advantages such as growing your professional network, being invited to great events, meeting with social entrepreneurs and acquiring entrepreneurial skills.

For more information, join the movement now and get the privileged to be invited at the Start Day of the program on Monday 21/11.