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Civic innovation enthusiast, I traveled for a year through South America and Australia before studying political science in Brussels. Currently exploring ways to encourage citizens’ participation, I believe tech and innovation can re-engage civic life. Eager to get people together in order to act globally and make awesome things happen, I’d like to learn more about citizen-led communities and innovative methodologies.

Super Power : Curiosity and enthusiasm. Patience. Good listening skills.

My expert skills : Communication, Event organization

My interests: Education, Food, Governance, Waste management, Social integration


Hello! My name is Stefania Serviddio and I am really excited to be joining the Make Sense community in Brussels! I come from the sunny Italian region of Apulia, where my parents lives with Sid Vicious, our amazing rescue dog (I know everybody says this, but he really is the best dog ever). I have a master in Philosophy, where my focus was on the Noam’s Chomsky theory about Language, basically he thinks that our use of language make us special and -in a way- better than the others beings and well… I disagree.

Super power : Media communication, Craft Beer geek, Beach lover

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