Discover Make.Brussels Winners!

We know the 10 winners of Make.Brussels!

This project was initiated 3 months ago, when Atrium had the will to change and revitalize the 10 main districts of Brussels.

MakeSense was involved in this call for projects, to engage citizens, to let them build their neighborhoods and choose the change they wanted to see in their city.

Some of this following projects were born during the first round of SenseFictions that MakeSense organized during the month of April.
Some others were transformed during the last prototyping weekend with the help of experts but also with the support of our  fellow gangsters (Kira, Elien, Thibaud and Marlies) who challenged each project and gave sometimes new ideas to these project leaders!.

Here are the list chosen by nearly 30,000 citizens and elected by a professional jury :

Kring Café Vélo in Dansaert,

Saint-Catherine-Sur-Mer in Sainte-Catherine,

Nationa(a)l Talent Hole in Mont des Arts,

Entramie for Midi-Lemonnier,

L’Arbre à Palabres for Grand-Place,

La Ligne in Saint-Jacques,

Melting Pots for Notre-Dame-Aux-Neiges,

Stryty in Rue Neuve district,

The Sound of Chocolate in Sablon,

Alors on zwanze in the Marolles


Can’t wait for the 2nd round next year!

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