Make.Brussels Final Week-end!

3 months ago, Make.Brussels was launched by Atrium and MakeSense to renew and create a participative change in the 10 main districts of Brussels city center!

The primary objective of Make.Brussels was to create an attractive discourse about downtown neighborhoods by highlighting their unique identity and their dynamism, and to put the citizens at the center of it.

It was important for us to be part of such a momentum : to give life to a shared and positive discourse about a Brussels that goes ahead, brings people together and which is constantly renewed.

All citizens had the chance to submit their projects and to be part of this change, they also got to choose their favorite ones.

372 projects have submitted their ideas on the platform, and nearly 30,000 citizens voted to elect their favorites.

Brussels has finally shown its best through the prism of originality, creativity, citizenship. It is already undeniable that this powerful message will boost its attraction and will be beneficial to all!

30 great projects have emerged from this vote, you can check the list here!

The final week-end of Make.Brussels begins today! 3 projects per neighborhood will have the chance to prototype their ideas and to get challenged from a great and diverse pool of experts, including a whole squad of gangsters ready to tackle the challenges of the participants (big thanks to Lucie, Janita, Thibaut, Thibaud, Anthony, Kira, Elien, Marlies, Barbara, Céline…)

At the end of the week-end, the winners of each district will be announced by Didier Gosuin, Brussels Minister of Economy and Employment! Each of them will win €30,000 to implement its project before the end of the year.

Stay tuned!



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