First month of SenseCube program!

Hello Changemakers! It’s already been one month since the SenseCube program has begun, and lots of progress were made!

We can’t wait to show you the results of our incubees..


After a 2nd session of Getting things Done by Lucie Barthlen, our incubees gets a training with Marion Pelletier from 360° IMPACT on how to increase their social impact with their businesses.


Followed a great training by Benoît Guyot who came from France to teach our entrepreneurs to build a sustainable value proposition.

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Then Hugo from Biomimika gave a biomimicry workshop to teach our incubees the nature principles and how we can learn from it.

You will be able to meet them again, to see their progresses and to tackle their current challenges during our Creathon on March 20th!


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