Welcome to our SenseCubees!

We are more than proud to announce you that we will welcome within the SenseCube Brussels program the following social innovative projects:

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Design and research studio conceiving objects and products using micro-organisms and biomaterials

Magma Nova seeks to develop a new sense of materiality by valorizing urban, agricultural and food waste into bio-materials combined with microorganisms like mycelium and bacterias, in order to create objects of art, architecture and design. They position themselves at the intersection between design, biology and computation.

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CoRe (Consumer Revolution)

A citizen’s movement to empower customers by understanding the impact of the products they purchase.

CoRe focuses on addressing the lack of transparency of the market, where people buy without clear and simple information. The project uses the power of the masses as a tool to identify and tackle the  most pressing issues  related to the production of externalities, and inform citizen with accurate data.

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Biomimika aims at simplifying the understanding of our world’s interconnectivity with nature using biomimicry to do the link

Biomimika creates an information system which, through visualization, shows the relationships of any given ecosystem. Inspire and empower the development of new ideas, processes an inventions by showing natural interconnections.

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A fully customizable and movable professional music studio and musical services for anyone at affordable prices.

Based on an innovative technology, Bandstrack offers a real market alternative for the average unsigned band that wants to record professionally at low cost. It can also be used by companies or individuals willing to record any track easily and at an affordable price.


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Provide nurseries with a full service of washable nappies.

“Turning a shitty problem into a more sustainable solution”. Wash My Nappy helps decrease the environmental impact and the cost of nappies for nurseries with a full service, from the rent of washable nappies, their transportation and of course the cleaning of the nappies.

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An application to gather people and foster mutual assistance between citizens

Unite is an application that provides to anyone, even if they have no technical and networking means, both : a customised tool to manage their geolocated collaborative project, whatever it is, and the community sharing the same goal to achieve this project.

They empower people to help each other, because united we can truly achieve anything.


You’ll be able to meet them and to listen to them pitching their solutions during our inauguration on February 1st at the MicroMarché -7.30pm! Book your free ticket here and be there!

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